What is Coder Spikes?

In software development, a spike solution is a throwaway implementation that investigates a problem. I’ve understood the word “spike” to mean a metaphor for penetrating through layers of complexity by introducing a concrete solution. In doing so, the “spike” exposes interconnections and dependencies before the actual solution is implemented.

A spike solution exposes interconnections and dependencies in a codebase (or more generally, a problem) that would otherwise remain hidden.

In that vein, Coder Spikes explores the challenges (problems) in software engineering as they pertain to leadership and learning. Concrete solutions are investigated empirically via examples and stories. Connections to and dependencies on other concepts and challenges are uncovered, so interrelated and multi-part posts are common.

Enjoy the read, and join in on the conversation in however way you’re comfortable. Add a comment to a post, reply to the email (that will only go to me directly), or share on social media. All forms of interaction and types of feedback are appreciated!

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Paul Sobocinski
Engineering Director at Thoughtworks. Breaking production code since 2004. Also a writer, a teacher, and a dad. “Short cuts make long delays.” Opinions are my own.